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At Last, the Potential for a ONE-STICK Hospitalization

At Last, the Potential for a ONE-STICK Hospitalization

Our hearts go out to all the children whose childhoods are interrupted by hospitalization. Thankfully, there is a new and simple way to lessen their suffering—a unique vascular access device that finally offers hospitalized children the true potential for a ONE-STICK hospitalization. That wonderful addition to our vascular access toolbox is the 3Fr Pediatric POWERWAND™.

Children’s wards and Children’s Hospitals all over the country are celebrating the advent of this new, all-purpose Pediatric POWERWAND for its extraordinary first-attempt success rate, superb blood-drawability, extended dwell times (up to 29 days) and minimal complications. As an accomplished pediatric vascular specialist in the Midwest recently said, “It’s so nice to have mothers actually squeezing our hands and thanking us.  One told me the POWERWAND prevented her child from getting between 40-50 needlesticks.”

If your facility is a participant in the Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety, you’ll be especially happy to learn that the Pediatric POWERWAND addresses 4+1 of the SPS Focus Goals. Used in conjunction with the Pediatric ZPad™ securement device and catheter cushion (which comes in the POWERWAND Pediatric kit, along with several other special accessories), the Pediatric POWERWAND is designed to reduce: (1) CLABSI, (2) Venous Thromboembolism, (3) PIVIEs (infiltrations and extravasations), (4) pressure injuries–PLUS (5) medical adhesive-related skin injuries.

The world of Pediatric vascular access just changed dramatically for the better.  The Pediatric POWERWAND—giving hospitalized children their first true shot at a ONE-STICK hospitalization.

I am confident this new POWERWAND product will add greatly to the daily gratification of your important work.  


Steve Bierman, MD