New Study Proves POWERWAND Safe for Vancomycin Delivery

New Study Proves POWERWAND Safe for Vancomycin Delivery

Definitive proof has finally arrived.  PICCs are no longer required to deliver long-term or short-term vancomycin (4mg/ml). Over 1000 patients, representing over 8000 catheter-days, are reported in this month’s JAVA to have had no DVTs and no bloodstream infections and minimal phlebitis (0.6%) during intravenous vancomycin administration through the POWERWAND midline. (Full article)

What does this groundbreaking study mean for you and your institution?

In most hospitals, vancomycin administration is an indication for about 20% of PICCs.  This new POWERWAND study demonstrates that these patients no longer need PICCs, which means you can reduce your central line days by roughly 20%. Instead of a PICC, a 4Fr or 5Fr POWERWAND placed in the deep vessels of the upper arm will get the job done safer and more cost-efficiently. In fact, placing a POWERWAND is usually at least $90.00 less expensive than placing a PICC.

Remember, only the POWERWAND midline has over 20,000 catheter days of published data attesting to zero bloodstream infections and the lowest complication rates of any vascular access device ever studied. (refs) Couple this with the news of safe vancomycin administration (over 5 years, in over 1000 patients) and you really have compelling reasons to support your POWERWAND use.

It’s a pleasure to share this information with you, because it means that everyone—patients and providers—gets to share the benefits POWERWAND use.  Thank you for your continued, evidence-based support.

Steve Bierman, MD

Chief Medical Officer


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