Finally, A Solution for Hard Stick Patients.

Finally, A Solution for Hard Stick Patients.

I often travel to hospitals all over the country and hear stories from clinicians who are frustrated by peripheral IVs that don’t last. Think about your own practice – how often does it happen that you are called to start a peripheral IV on a hard stick patient only to have to restart it the next day?

Did you know that the median dwell time for an ultrasound-guided PIV is only 26 hours?  All the skill, time and effort you and your colleagues apply to the placement of these vital lines, unfortunately, results in an IV that lasts barely more than a day.  Why?  Because PIVs are simply too short (and too easily kinked) to function for any substantial time in the deeper veins of the arm and forearm.

Fortunately, there is a solution: The first true extended dwell catheter designed to extend the life of ultrasound guided peripheral IVs up to 29 days – The new POWERWAND™ EDC–3French, 6 cm (2.4 inches).

The new 3Fr, 6 cm POWERWAND is longer than a PIV, capable of power-injection up to 8 mL/sec, and is designed for the same reliable blood-drawability and extended dwell times as the POWERWAND midlines.  Made of ChronoFlex™C, this new tool in your toolbox, is ideal for renal patients–and vein preservation, in general; ultrasound guided PIVs, patient’s requiring extended treatment but who do not need the hemodilution afforded by the POWERWAND midlines.

Please consider this next great innovation from Access Scientific–the POWERWAND 3Fr, 6cm Extended Dwell Catheter.  Your patients will thank you.

Steve Bierman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Access Scientific

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